What is Private Care Management?

Private Care Management is a privately paid service focusing exclusively on an individual with a disability or age related illness that can benefit from a range of professional services that enable them to remain in their current living environment with the assistance of private and community supports.

Private Care Management can focus on one area of need - such as the need to hire private home care attendants, or it may encompass a full range of services, from financial management to referrals to federal and state entitlement programs.

What We Do

Our professional Care Management service is a highly personalized and designed to meet the needs of an older adult/person with a disability and their family members.

We focus to encourage clients and promote dignity, independence and safety in their current living environment through the use of in-home assessment, consultation and continued management. As professionals with extensive contacts throughout the local communities, we assess clients' needs and draw upon the best resources available to meet those needs on a long-term basis - always evaluating changing needs and always keeping family members informed.

We accomplish this by putting all of the elements of adult caregiving together to address our client's physical, social, environmental, emotional/cognitive and financial management needs while giving them and their family peace of mind.

Professional Care Management services can also assist family guardians with linking community services and annual reporting requirements.