Guardian & Conservator Services, Inc. (GCS) is a professional fiduciary company supporting families along the Wasatch Front in Utah. GCS was founded in 1997 and specializes in providing guardianship, conservatorship, care management, and trustee services. Our staff of dedicated professionals works with a diverse population of adults who have issues related to aging, mental health diagnosis, traumatic brain injuries, or other disabilities that limit their ability to make financial and/or executive decisions. We also assist family guardians or family member who may live out of state to support their loved ones who still live locally in Utah.

Well Established as Experts in Utah

GCS is well established in the community and surrounding states as professional experts caring for individuals in the least restrictive environment with dignity; maintaining their safety and autonomy. Our referral sources include local elder law attorneys, accountants, trust officers, assisted living and skilled residential care administrators, the Utah courts, and family members.

Certified Guardians

Our professional Guardians are certified as National Certified Guardians and National Master Guardians with the Center on Guardianship Certification. GCS is a long standing member of the National Guardianship Association, a member organization with a Code of Ethics recognized as an industry standard through the United States.

Seasoned Professionals Care & Case Managers

Our Care Managers and Financial Case Managers are seasoned professionals who understand client and family dynamics, are trained to assist clients with a menu of services to promote independence and autonomy, and who understand the need to be transparent in their communication and services.

Our clients include:

  • individuals who have never married and may have no living family to care for their needs
  • individuals whose spouse may have predeceased them and who have no children to care for their needs, and
  • individuals who have adult children but whose children are not able, willing or should care for their care/living/estate needs.