Private Care Management

Personalized, Professional Private Care Management Services for an older adult/person with a disability and their family members.

  • Medical care
  • Physical care
  • Social care
  • Environmental care
  • Emotional/Cognitive care, and
  • Financial Management care
  • Overview of legal documents
  • Referrals to private home care, home health and Hospice care, when needed.

Enabling an older adult/person with a disability to comfortably "age in place" with dignity and safety of environment.

What is Private Care Management?

Private Care Management is a privately paid service focusing exclusively on an older adult/person with a disability who can benefit from a range of professional services that enable them to remain in their current living environment with the assistance of private and community supports.

GCS provides Private Care Management services to clients living along the Wasatch Front of Utah (including Salt Lake City, Ogden, Bountiful, and Sandy) who are single - without caregiving support, whose spouse/partner has predeceased them and who may have no family, who have family members living in the community and others who have family members living out of the area.

Private Care Management can focus on one area of need - such as the need to hire private home care attendants, or it may encompass a full range of services, from financial management to referrals to federal and state entitlement programs.

Private Care Management services are supervised and managed by Margy M. Campbell, LCSW, CFP, MCG, founder and CEO of GCS.  Our Private Care Manager staff include Deborah Brown, MS, MCG and Amanda Lambert, MS, CMC, MCG.

What We Do

GCS is a highly personalized, professional Private Care Management service designed to meet the needs of an older adult/person with a disability and their family members.

If you have an elderly parent, parents or a family member with a disability living in Salt Lake City or along the Wasatch Front of Utah (from Ogden in the north to Sandy in the south), and distance or other circumstances make it difficult for you to provide the level of personal care or assistance they require, GCS offers you a comprehensive, reliable solution. Established under the direction of Margy M. Campbell, LCSW, CFP, NCMG - GCS - a local community based business, may be the answer for you and your family.

Our Private Care Management services are focused to encourage the older adult/person with a disability to "age in place" with dignity and safety in their current living environment through the use of in-home consultation and management. As professionals with extensive contacts throughout the local communities, we assess clients' needs and draw upon the best resources available to meet those needs on a long-term basis - always evaluating changing needs and always keeping family members informed.

The GCS approach helps give an older adult/person with a disability the dignity they deserve, with as much autonomy in life care choices as possible. With our help, our clients are able to continue to live independently - in their own living environment, knowing they have all the outside resources they need.

We accomplish this by putting all of the elements of adult caregiving together to address our client's physical, social, environmental, emotional/cognitive and financial management needs while giving them and their family peace of mind.

Physical Needs: GCS an provide physician contacts; the coordination of home health services; scheduling of annual hearing, eye and dental exams; monitoring of nutritional and hydration needs; and the interviewing, screening and monitoring private home care attendants.

Social Needs: We provide regular in-person contacts that center on reminiscing and remembering life experiences. We can link individuals with volunteer services in the local and/or religious community.

Environmental Needs: We assist our client to keep their living environment in good condition by identifying and supervising general property repairs and services such as plumbing, lawn care, housecleaning, etc. We also recommend assistive devices to keep the person safe in their home. Also realizing pets are sometimes very important companions, we can help schedule veterinarian appointments and assist with other pet-related needs.

Emotional/Cognitive Needs: We offer assessments for depression, adjustment and orientation; monitoring of medications when needed; coordinate arrangements for in-or out-of-home individual and/or group therapy, counseling and emotional support when necessary.

Financial Management Needs: We can take on the responsibility of helping with the payment of monthly bills, balancing of checkbooks, maintain financial records and process insurance claims if and when necessary. Many of our clients entrust us with this responsibility - you can count on confidentiality and a thoroughly ethical, fully documented approach.