General Durable Medical/Financial Power of Attorney

A legal instrument created by a competent adult giving an agent the authority to act on the behalf of the grantor with best interest while looking out for the grantor's welfare.

Under a General Durable Medical/Financial Power of Attorney the agent may have the following powers:

  • direct medical care and living environment needs
  • collect and manage any or all real or personal property
  • buy and/or sell any real or personal property
  • borrow money
  • conduct all business and banking
  • file tax returns and reports
  • access bank safe deposit box
  • act as a proxy for stocks, bonds, shares, or other investments
  • hire any attorney
  • transfers into the trust
  • delegate authority

A Durable Power of Attorney can be as specific or as general as the grantor chooses and it can specifically limit an agent's ability to act by restricting the agent's power in the document.

This document needs to be signed by the grantor and by a notary.